Hacking Silicon Valley
William Blake: I'm heading to Machine.
Conductor: That's the end of the line.
William Blake: Is it?
Conductor: Yes.
That exchange has nothing to do with this web site. It's the opening for the best movie I've ever seen – Dead Man. I decided to steal it, hoping this web site would get off to a good start.
You'll find two things on the following pages: an online complement to my book on Silicon Valley and, along similar lines, a ton of historical and current information about Silicon Valley.
My book is the best such work on Silicon Valley to date. I mean that.
Why so boastful?
Well, I researched the heck out of this thing and can guarantee that no other book out there starts at the turn of the century and walks you all the way up to today. My book hits the radio, electronics, semiconductor, PC and internet types who turned the orchard-packed Valley of Hearts Delight into the processor-infused Silicon Valley. Along the way, you'll find interviews, restaurants reviews, company profiles, features on research laboratories and so very, very much more.
The technology curious as well as Silicon Valley aficionados will want to crack open this puppy, if they hope to claim any kind of superiority over their friends.

Boosting Your Ego for Fun and no Profit
I'll admit it. Reading my book may not deliver all the knowledge you need to feel better than your peers. That's okay. There's still hope.
I'd love for this web site to turn into an interactive project of sorts. This isn't Web 2.0 bullshit wrapped in fluff. This is people sending me photos, write-ups, and whatever they think might be useful, and me deciding whether or not it goes on the site.
Hit up ash (at) theduckrabbit.com to contribute.
I want your help in a big way, but I'm only going to chuck up the good stuff.