They say that people don't read enough anymore and that our brains have turned to mush. Well, here's your chance to fix the book-shunning scourge sweeping all nations.
The book you want to buy now
My first book can be found on Amazon here
It's the heart-warming tale of how Silicon Valley turned from orchards into a non-stop, high-tech zone. You'll find information on Silicon Valley's earliest days as a radio enthusiasts' hub (early 1900s) and then budding electronics powerhouse (1930s - 1950s.). Then, you hit the prime-time with the rise of semiconductor companies such as Shockley Labs, Fairchild and Intel; computer makers such as Apple, Sun Microsystems and SGI; and then internet companies such as eBay, Yahoo! and Google.
Geek Silicon Valley contains rich profiles of the people and places that helped create such firms and has equally rich profiles on institutions like Stanford University, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and the Computer History Museum.
But wait, there's more.
You'll also find juicy information on historical landmarks, places to eat and ways to enjoy the great outdoors surrounding the Valley.
Those who have lived in Silicon Valley all their lives are sure to learn something new from this excellent tome, while people new to the area or just curious about it will fill their brains and be better people for the experience.
Go ahead, buy a copy. It'll be the best thing you did all day.